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Healthy Diet Plan


Pierre Dukan devised his famous healthy diet plan after one of his clients begged for help with a weight loss programme that did not cut meat out of his diet. After only five days on a protein ­intensive diet, client experienced remarkable results. So impressed was Dr. Dukan that he dedicated the next 30 years to developing a low­carbohydrate, high ­protein and no calorie ­restricted diet that would yield fast and sustainable weight loss.

The end product the Dukan diet­ is one of the most successful diets to date, with a long list of devotees from Hollywood celebrities to Royal Family members (and even the French president!). And considering how the
diet came about, it is little wonder that the Dukan plan is a hit with meat­eaters worldwide.

Losing weight while devouring unlimited amounts of chicken, fish and steak is a carnivores dream, and this is precisely how the diet works. Eat as much as you want from Dr Dukans list of Dukan 100 foods and watch the pounds drop.

Unlike diets like the Atkins however, which has got a bad rap for promoting the excessive consumption of fatty meats and damaging cholesterol levels, the Dukan diet puts an emphasis on lean protein and low saturated fats.

The recommended daily oat bran prevents constipation often associated with high protein diets. Starchy vegetables and other carbohydrates are reintroduced slowly, resulting in a healthy, balanced and varied diet that is easy to maintain.

The French are known for enjoying food with gusto, so it makes sense that a Gallic diet plan should be one so enjoyable and bother­free. The Dukan plan embraces food and rejects calorie counting or fussing over food
labels. You can still enjoy coffee, tea and even diet soda drinks as well as a weekly celebration meal once you are in the consolidation phase. It does not interfere with your social life either.

It is much easier to eat out on the Dukan than most other dietsyou can order meat and vegetables at any restaurant, or simply ask the waiter to hold the vegetables on protein­ only days. But vegetarians neednt despair; this weight loss plan can also be adapted for non­meat eaters with equally astounding results.

Pescatarians can feast on fish, while stricter vegetarians can simply swap meat for unrestricted amounts of Quorn and tofu. Making your attack phase shorter will help also, and once the attack and cruise phases are over, you can introduce beans and vegetarian friendly starches