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Four Surprising Facts About Tea


You have every reason to be looking for chamomile tea. it’s an all natural drink with tons of associated benefits, some of which might surprise you. In fact, there’s a lot to tea its advantages, its uses and even its history that you probably didn’t know.

Here are few surprising facts about one of the world’s most widely consumed beverages.

– It Was Originally Used as Medicine.

– All those benefits to our health to which we attribute tea were the uses for which it was originally brewed.

– In fact, the first cup of tea came about by total accident, as tea leaves fell into water that was boiling for the Emperor Shen Nong, in 2737 BCE. He used it strictly as a medicine.

It Appeared First in Europe via Portugal

Most of us think of tea as a particularly English drink, but it first arrived in Europe by way of Portugal in 1590. China granted the country trading privileges, and a Jesuit priest by the name of Jasper de Cruz brought some back to his native country, from whence it spread.

It did not reach England until the reign of Charles II, in the 17th century, when he married a Portuguese princess who had a taste for the drink. Of course, the court must emulate its queen.

Iced Tea Rules in the US

Some like it hot, but in America, we like it not. About 80 percent of all the tea consumed in the United States is of the iced variety, which is believed to have derived from the alcoholic tea punches served in the US in the late 1800s.

Teabags Happened by Accident

In the grand tradition of brilliant inventions happening via misunderstandings or mishaps, the tea bag came to be in the early 20th century when Thomas Sullivan sent out tea samples in silk pouches. His customers mistakenly kept the leaves in the bags to brew, not understanding that he meant for the leaves to go directly into the pot. While loose leaf teas are quite tasty and chic these days, those traditionally tea ­imbibing Brits keep it in the bag 96 percent of the time.

Whether you prefer green tea on ice or a warm mug of steeped damiana leaf tea in the morning, there is no doubt that this healthy beverage, available in a wide array of tempting flavors and forms, isn’t likely to dip out of favor any time soon.